Adject 11/18

Being miserable in your own life can be tiresome. It just seems like no matter how many chances you get. You get knocked down every single time but you kinda deserve it because you never learn your lesson.

You get blessed more than others but you still do the wrong thing over and over that it gets to the point you make it harder for someone who did care for you to the lookout. You treat the people the best who cause you so much pain, the reason you have nothing and the reason why no one wanna help, the reason why your loved ones disclaim you, and the reason why you going through hard times. By now you’d have gotten the pictures by now.

It’s even worse when your seeds or family don’t wanna be around you. How much miserably can you take before you go to that dark hole if that ever happens?

Gotta do what’s best for you. You have the potential to achieve anything but you lack forces because of the love you’ve for someone. Look past them and you’ll be in a better place in life. I know it!


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