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  • Bother 7/30

    I wake up in the morning, still feeling the effects from the grass I smoke the night before. Not thinking of the time but I can tell just by staring at the window it was about to be daylight and that means get ya ass up for work! I seen your messages but ignore them, […]

  • Pathos 4/19

    I like this word, even though I hardly use it. Just like how it’s pronounce. But can you blame me? Look like one of them ancient Greek names lol but here we go. Nothing, just nothing is wrong. But you pity me while I should pity you. You text and text like no tomorrow, but […]

  • Sniff Of Perfume 3/15

    I remember a few years ago I use to work in the Hilton in Orlando FL, near the highway. Nice place to visit by the way. One night there was an old lady with a sweet perfume smell. I recognize the smell because I had to check a room a night before and it was […]

  • Adject 11/18

    Being miserable in your own life can be tiresome. It just seems like no matter how many chances you get. You get knocked down every single time but you kinda deserve it because you never learn your lesson. You get blessed more than others but you still do the wrong thing over and over that […]

  • Can I Beat The Storm 11/2

    On a chill night at work, I notice the sky is dark black with no stars. That tells me it’s going to rain soon or it’s just passing over. Throughout the night it’s quiet as a mouse, no small animals walking around like they usually do, looking for food that the CNA or residents threw […]

  • The quickness of my life

    A good word to use today because I feel like it relates to my life in a way. Everything to me is happening to quickly. Just feel like things happen so fast out the blue that it can’t be explain. The property I work at went out and sign a new contract with a new […]

  • Patient 5/15

    Having patient is always a good thing. I was always told the older you get the more it’ll just thin out but there is always a way to fix that to me. For me, I play video games throughout the day to kill time. Work out, bike ride. But playing these video games takes time […]

  • Trust

    When I saw that this was the first word of the day, I thought of my girlfriend. Since most people betrayed me before we got together. So most likely I’d to learn how to trust again. She even notices herself that my trust was mess up and I’m glad she wasn’t afraid to mention that […]

  • Quote #1

    I was messing around on Facebook until I saw some inspiration words that I’d to share. It didn’t say who made the quote but I can tell they have a smart understanding about life and probably went though somethings. But here is the quote and I hope you’re having a good Sunday. You might be […]

  • Revelation

    Never think you’ll not be surprised by something in life. I remember when I finally introduce my girlfriend to my daughter I already knew she can say half of her name. I was wrong lol. My girlfriend asks what your name and she actually said it correctly and I was surprised. All the times when […]