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  • Good Morning!!!

    Good Morning!!!

    Good morning and happy Saturday!! Lowkey glad it’s the weekend because I’m m off and thank God for that. Probably coming down with a cold and I hope not. Plan on doing some cleaning today. Been holding it back all week but message below ๐Ÿ‘‡ I realized the older I get the more I don’t […]

  • Happy Friday!!!

    Happy Friday!!!

    Good morning to ya and happy Friday!!! Running off of three hours of sleep so let see how this day goes. Hope you got more sleep than me and message below ๐Ÿ‘‡ Believe in yourself and don’t allow others people comments to get to you. Only you got yourself and that all you need to […]

  • Night Message 8/12/22

    Night Message 8/12/22

    As my mind wonder in the sky thoughts come to my mind. You finally thought of a plan that could work for you and to keep up on track about your final existence up until your dreams come true. You realize everything is up to you and you’ve to trust the process. Not wanting people […]

  • Morning Thursday!!!

    Morning Thursday!!!

    Good morning and happy Thursday!!! Someone already tried to ruined my morning with the negatively but you gotta keep a clear mind. Message below ๐Ÿ‘‡ Never know what someone is going through… The mind just wonder and anything can upset them. We’re not mind readers, so don’t come off rude and etc. Even if you […]

  • First Day! 08/10/22

    First Day! 08/10/22

    Before I forget to post, here are some pictures I took earlier with her before work. She was very excited and ready. First day of school and 1st grader. When I got off from work she couldn’t wait to tell me about her day with a smile on her face. When your kid getting older […]

  • Part Of The Job #5

    Part Of The Job #5

    Hi ya folks, another day at work and I’d little time to take a few photos. Not going to lie to ya, not really suppose to have my phone out on the floor but hey who cares! This is the machine I run three days a week. It cut the veins and other things off […]

  • Good Morning!!!

    Good Morning!!!

    Good morning and happy hump day for ya! Heading to work as we speak, also taking my daughter to school. First day of school for her and she is excited. Pictures coming later and message below ๐Ÿ‘‡ Take ya time and do the things you need to do in life. Never force anything because it […]

  • Night Message 08/10/22

    Night Message 08/10/22

    During that time of the night is who you truly are. Always follow your intuition, the things they say doesn’t matter. None of them are no perfect than you. Everything is up to you to decide. Be chill, relax and trust the process of life because everyday can be the same but something different always […]

  • Morning Morning!!!

    Morning Morning!!!

    Good morning and happy Tuesday to ya. I hope we all have a good day today and if you walking to work like me then I hope your day be amazing. I hope you like the message below ๐Ÿ‘‡ I feel like I understood this on a different level but who knows. I just do […]

  • Pathological 08/8/22

    Everyday it’s a new day for you to be great but you choose differently. The most caring person I can think of but your ways will always be your downfall in life and I hope you realize that one day. Your heart is pure but your behavior is questionable. You show the most love to […]