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  • Pathological 08/8/22

    Everyday it’s a new day for you to be great but you choose differently. The most caring person I can think of but your ways will always be your downfall in life and I hope you realize that one day. Your heart is pure but your behavior is questionable. You show the most love to […]

  • Pique 8/2/22

    Remember who you’re as a person. You wake up everyday knowing your day is going to be active. You must keep your mind clear of comments, and have an understanding that people is not going to like you. Some people you’re going to resent because of their disrespectful ways towards you. Even if they that […]

  • Fizzy 4/24

    First off, happy good Sunday, and if your Sunday not going good, I hope it gets better. Word of the day is Fizzy, let’s see what I could do here. It is 6:50 in the morning and I am half asleep like always. Then again I really can’t be mad, I do go to bed […]

  • Princely Of Love 4/23

    Once I didn’t know nothing in life until you met me and my siblings when we were small and I’ll never forget it. As long I can remember you been there for us, taught us things that no one else could, show us things people refuse to teach, taught us love can come from anywhere […]


    We see each other everyday in the same building and I just can’t help but notice you. The day came when I asked you for your favorite color you told me to pay attention to me with a smile on your face. When I see you and ask how are you doing? you tell me […]

  • Pathos 4/19

    I like this word, even though I hardly use it. Just like how it’s pronounce. But can you blame me? Look like one of them ancient Greek names lol but here we go. Nothing, just nothing is wrong. But you pity me while I should pity you. You text and text like no tomorrow, but […]

  • Augmentation 4/18

    Whenever I think of this word, it kinda remind me of work. Why? Well let me explain below. I work in a seafood wearhouse. We deal with Shrimp and Fish on daily basis. Sometimes I’ll help with the truck if they short staff and I don’t mind it because I see it as a workout, […]

  • Repose 3/16

    A few years ago I use to attend a massage school in Maitland Fl, the outskirts of Orlando. One week, we learn how to relax our bodies through meditation. We had to lay down face-up position. We couldn’t move our body, just resting like we dead. After we achieve that state, we imagine ourselves in […]

  • Gloomy Village 2/4

    Born and raised in a small village he and his family witness all the sufferings, calamity, courage, casualty, clashes, and alliance in the village. Born without a famous last name in the village. He had to work harder just to earn some respect from the elders, other young warriors, and the gods above him. By […]

  • Obscure Fella 1/27

    My homies from the block that know me best say they don’t see me around anymore and you know what? They correct! I don’t like being noticed like that unless I want to. Just me. Do I go out and hang? Yes! But I just enjoy my alone time and anyone who doesn’t mind being […]