Bother 7/30

I wake up in the morning, still feeling the effects from the grass I smoke the night before. Not thinking of the time but I can tell just by staring at the window it was about to be daylight and that means get ya ass up for work!

I seen your messages but ignore them, don’t need someone to kill my vibe. You text and call through out the day but I ignore them all. You stalk and harass me/ my friends but yet we ignore them/you.

When you don’t get your way, you wanna make pop up visits where you’re not welcome and you force your way into people personal space but get upset when they react to your ways.

It’s even worst when you start fights or arguments and be surprise when that person defend their self and the worst part of it, you just won’t leave that person alone because you enjoy making someone life a living hell.

I’m sure we all dealt with someone with this type of behavior. If not then God bless you because it sucks balls. They drive you crazy and crazier by the day,week and month. It feels like an never ending cycle with them.

Don’t allow anyone to ruined your mind because that’s what they aiming for. Stay true to yourself and keep on ignoring them. I hope they leave you alone and I wish you a good night.


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