Nudiustertian Day 1/5/21

The day was long and rough. You wanted to discuss some things but I wasn’t in the mood.

You text my phone and blow it up but I ignored it. You call my phone many times. It got annoying but again I ignore it.

You’d the nerve to walk down to my home but didn’t cause a disturbance. You sat and smoke a whole black n mile while I was gone but didn’t make a mess.

You knock one more time before departing but didn’t knock hard enough because you didn’t want to wake the old lady next door whose back door was accessible.

You walk back home sending me a long message explaining what happens to hope I will respond but I don’t. But just a few days ago we were the best of friends texting none stop.

It can be today, yesterday, the day before or before or before. Do not expect to talk to someone all the time. They do have a life and need their space at some point and you as a good friend have to respect that. I hope everyone has a promising day.


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