Worship 6/4

I honestly feel like you can worship anything you like. Some may disagree, some may love it but as long as it makes you happy then keep on worshipping it.

Over the years, I never really worship anything that I didn’t care about. I did go to church but didn’t like going. People think I worship the Vikings because I’m a big fan of Thor which is funny to me. But I don’t let the comments get to me. 

My grandparents tried to get me to worship their god but like I said before I didn’t like going to church or like what they believe in. My grandfather turns a different soul and starts going to this Presbyterian church that wasn’t too far from home.

For some reason, I didn’t mind going there, became close to many people there, and still cool to this day. When I met my baby mama. She went to sabbath church and again I didn’t mind going or worship of what they believe in. When I was in Orlando Fl, I went to the Mormons church but didn’t like how it seems to rush to marry and etc. I may not attend their church anymore but I met some cool people and did some fun things that I wouldn’t mind doing again.

Worship in anything you want to believe in. People always gonna judge you but their opinion doesn’t matter. Don’t be scared to teach them what you know and show them why you worship this besides that even if they don’t agree. I learn to never judge what people worship because I saw happy faces in things I couldn’t be happy in but instead I’m happy for them and don’t mind learning new things to worship in life. Maybe one day I’ll have a change of heart with certain things but only time will tell.



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