I feel bad for people who struggle in life. No matter what they do it’s always a brick wall blocking their path to living a successful life. But I notice no matter what, they always came back on top and I took a liking of that. 

I think it’s amazing when you can lose everything to your name but if you work hard and never quit. The things you lost will come back. It may not be the same but at least you’re doing better enough to rest easy when you sleep.

I also feel bad for people who are always depressed but scared to reach out because people may judge them which is true. I see it all the time on my Facebook. Random people asking for help or asking for help using random memes or quotes by famous people. But yet besides being positive, they wanna be negative to that person and that’s something they don’t need.

I always try to be that good person and message them and ask if they okay. Some respond some don’t but at least I feel for them.

Sometimes we feel bad for people in this world we live in but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t check up on them, even if they a stranger. If you feel their heart then you’ll know their pain. Their words will always get to you and if you know someone like that just check up on them and wish them a good day.


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