I was born a premature baby, but it hasn’t affected me in life. But I do know people who were born premature and they had health problems. I guess you can say I was blessed.

When I found out I was premature, It didn’t bother me much. I was still able to take regular classes, still, play sports and yeah I got hurt a couple of times but I still heal up nicely. I’m saying I was able to live a normal life even though I came into this world early.

Just because something comes early don’t mean it’s a bad thing. Like the city bus coming early can be good or bad I just hope it’s good for you. Or getting to work early is always good. We had this co-worker who came an hour and 30 minutes early and we never knew why lol.

Even my daughter came three days early which wasn’t bad at all, she was just ready to see the world. 

If you were born prematurely I hope you living the best life with no regrets and never allow anyone to bring you down. People going to judge you but hey that’s just life, there will be that one people who will always have something to you and don’t allow them to get to you.

The gloomy days seem to be over in my city, that means a good day at the park is in order and by the way I wish you a good day!



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  1. You were just in a hurry to come to this world! I, on the other hand, didn’t even turn upside down in the womb, they had to literally yank me out. So lazy haha

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