Today 11/28

Like the title, today… Today is a drag to me, woke up a lil to early, mouth taste funny, muscles hurt, little back pain and more. Wash my face, spoken to my younger brother ( who crashing with me). Afternoon came, got high and watch some dragon Ball Z and a Netflix show call Glitch which is amazing. Now I’m at work chilling. I finish season 2 of Glitch. Spoken to one of my friends who needs a new phone. I did all my security work early so I can relax and now I’m waiting to go on patroll so I can get some orange juice because I’m thirsty like a cow. I’m okay just encase you asking but I’m thinking about allot of things lately. I been wanting more money, spending more time with my daughter, try to stay in good contact with my friends and probably just maybe looking for a woman to chat/spend with with( probably because I been lonely lately. That’s okay thought, sometimes you need to spend time to yourself because we all need some inner peace no matter who you is. You should always stay positive no matter what because someone maybe feeling worst then you…. I felt back for an old child hood friend why? She has sex for money and etc. I told her you better stop doing that before you catch something. She reply and said I know I just hope I don’t catch anything but when you need money and a place to live ( definitely when it’s cold) and that shit is so sad man and she don’t have family or close friends. She also lives a bad life but hey that none of my business. So I’m thankful I don’t live like her because I can’t image doing stuff like that. I should really write more but thank you for reading and I hope you have a great day.


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