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  • Tree of life

    If I’ve had time to chill and relax before work I come to the garden. So peaceful with a lot of shade, you can sit here and think about life, listen to music, read a book and many others things. The residents at my job take good care of the garden. I always see them […]

  • Today 11/28

    Like the title, today… Today is a drag to me, woke up a lil to early, mouth taste funny, muscles hurt, little back pain and more. Wash my face, spoken to my younger brother ( who crashing with me). Afternoon came, got high and watch some dragon Ball Z and a Netflix show call Glitch […]

  • Today 10/5/17

    Today was a good day if you ask me, I had to come into work at 0730 with 4 hours or sleep maybe 4.5? I not sure. All I know I woke up at 0500 on the dot and stayed up because I couldn’t fall back to sleep. Work was good for the first couple […]