Patriotic ways 2/18/23

Are you patriotic? What does being patriotic mean to you?

30 years old and I’ve never been asked this question before, but it’s an interesting one to me.

I feel like I am deep down inside. I may not like everything that goes on in our homeland but hey, who doesn’t? Still, I feel like you should move wherever you’re from.

Being patriotic is a good thing in my opinion, just shows me you’re not scared to fight or defend for your country. Even have families and friends that join the military. All out and living well with some stories from other countries.

One of the things they always say is how much hate other lands have for us. I feel like you shouldn’t dislike another land unless the leaders cause harm to their people which is half of them sadly.

Some lands are great, and some are bad. We don’t know because we’re not from there. But just like I can talk about my country all day. Someone else can too. I honestly like learning and defending different countries if I’ve to.

Being patriotic is not a bad thing. You just fight for what’s right and wrong. You shouldn’t feel bad doing that. Stay strong my friends.



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