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  • Part Of The Job #5

    Part Of The Job #5

    Hi ya folks, another day at work and I’d little time to take a few photos. Not going to lie to ya, not really suppose to have my phone out on the floor but hey who cares! This is the machine I run three days a week. It cut the veins and other things off […]

  • Part Of The Job #4

    I’m the main one who has to go in the cold ass freezer and removed the ice from the vents so it can stay cold throughout the day. It’s negative 4 degrees lol but I don’t mind because I low-key enjoy the cold temperatures. Hope you like the photos. Kinda hard to take a picture […]

  • Part Of The Job #3

    Part Of The Job #3

    It’s not everyday I can get a clear shot of these shrimps before we freeze them and run them through the machine. Below here are two pictures of some shrimp before I dump them in the water to get their heads and shells pop off. By the way, when they all froze up, they poke […]

  • Part Of The Job #2

    I seen many creatures of the sea whenever we get a new bag of shrimp to work with. This morning wasn’t no different but this time I took a picture. Nope they not alive but it was cool seeing a crab again. We sometimes get starfishes and many others. Hope you like the pictures and […]

  • Words 6/9

    So far, today has been good, the sun came back out, haven’t rain since Sunday… well in my area. Talk to my girlfriend for a little, went to my neighbor’s house, and listen to her vent about boy problems oh and I help her drain her pool. She also gave me some black mulch for […]

  • Finesse

    I find it funny that this is the word of the day, I been hearing/seeing it a lot lately from people, music, shows and many more. But when I hear it, the meaning stand for trying to use someone without getting caught. But I also understand you can use this word in many ways. Like […]

  • Placate

    Two years ago I got called into work on a post for my job with security. It was some shady apartments on South Orange Blossom Trail in Orlando Fl. The street was nice during the day but night time was the danger zone. Any bad thing you can think of was happening on that street […]

  • obtuse

    I dislike when people don’t understand directions when I’m doing gate duty at my job. I’ll give them the easiest way to find something on the property but they somehow go the wrong way. I’ll sit there and watch them on the security camera shaking my head but I am laughing at the same time […]