Tag: #one-word-prompt

  • Fizzy 4/24

    First off, happy good Sunday, and if your Sunday not going good, I hope it gets better. Word of the day is Fizzy, let’s see what I could do here. It is 6:50 in the morning and I am half asleep like always. Then again I really can’t be mad, I do go to bed […]

  • Princely Of Love 4/23

    Once I didn’t know nothing in life until you met me and my siblings when we were small and I’ll never forget it. As long I can remember you been there for us, taught us things that no one else could, show us things people refuse to teach, taught us love can come from anywhere […]

  • Pathos 4/19

    I like this word, even though I hardly use it. Just like how it’s pronounce. But can you blame me? Look like one of them ancient Greek names lol but here we go. Nothing, just nothing is wrong. But you pity me while I should pity you. You text and text like no tomorrow, but […]

  • Augmentation 4/18

    Whenever I think of this word, it kinda remind me of work. Why? Well let me explain below. I work in a seafood wearhouse. We deal with Shrimp and Fish on daily basis. Sometimes I’ll help with the truck if they short staff and I don’t mind it because I see it as a workout, […]

  • Can I Beat The Storm 11/2

    On a chill night at work, I notice the sky is dark black with no stars. That tells me it’s going to rain soon or it’s just passing over. Throughout the night it’s quiet as a mouse, no small animals walking around like they usually do, looking for food that the CNA or residents threw […]

  • Rancor 6/14

    I always tell my friends and family to be eazy whenever I’m telling them goodbye or something like that. But I also use it in other ways too like telling them to be chill, happy, strong, positive, and just don’t let the hate get to you.  I feel like we have a lot of hate […]

  • Joy Of Life 6/11

    We enjoy life and try to cherish every moment of it. With all the joy you can experience in life it’s hard to pick one memory and live with it. Whenever my daughter comes over I can tell she enjoyed her time over here. Even if she stays in the house all day she always […]

  • Fallen 6/5

    I feel like we all fallen for something or for somebody and that’s okay because we are all humans. Some has fallen in love with someone, either it was good or bad but we all been there before. Some of us know a few fallen hero’s either it was military or people they know personal. […]

  • Hard-Headed Of My Mind.

    We all been hard-headed in the past. Either doing stupid things, loving the wrong person, not listening when you should and just making life decisions. Even today I still make mistakes when I know I shouldn’t. But yet I choose to be hard-headed doing something I shouldn’t do. Like smoking near the auditorium area when […]

  • Lonely soul 4/30

    Pretty nice word to use because we all can understand it. Some days we do feel lonely. I can’t understand why but I just feel like we all get that feeling. I have a whole girlfriend, a daughter, a best friend, and a family that lives nearby but sometimes I get that lonely feeling (sometimes). […]