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  • Happy Easter 4/4/21

    Got like 5 minutes to post before I clock in. Happy Easter to all!!! Be eazy and block them negative vibes out and make sure you’ve a very positive day. Because only you can allow someone to ruin it. Be safe folks -My Words

  • Sniff Of Perfume 3/15

    I remember a few years ago I use to work in the Hilton in Orlando FL, near the highway. Nice place to visit by the way. One night there was an old lady with a sweet perfume smell. I recognize the smell because I had to check a room a night before and it was […]

  • Past questions 2/23

    Life can be a journey. We meet many people in existence and only fall for a few of them. Falling for them brings the past. And sometimes the past brings questions that you don’t wanna answer but do because the individual deserves answers. My ex asks me did I ever cheated on her. Like always […]

  • Great grandmother 2/10

    I’m often reminded of how great you are as a person and as a great grandmother. I can see it in the little things that you did when you were here to make everyone around feel special. I’m so proud to call you my Great Grandma and I’ll never forget you. Today is your 97th […]

  • Gloomy Village 2/4

    Born and raised in a small village he and his family witness all the sufferings, calamity, courage, casualty, clashes, and alliance in the village. Born without a famous last name in the village. He had to work harder just to earn some respect from the elders, other young warriors, and the gods above him. By […]