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  • Lost Hope 5/15

    We all witness someone going through it in life and deep down inside we wish we could help them allot but just because they need it doesn’t mean you’ve to offer it because everyone can’t be helped. I say that because I tried it myself. there this friend my girlfriend has or so call a […]

  • Carnival

    I remember growing up I always wanted to go to a carnival but never did until I got older. I was barely 19 years old when I went to my first carnival and it was fun. I went with my best homeboy and his girlfriend. We also had another friend with us.  Even for my […]

  • Cece Letter#1

    I realize your last words that you were probably trying to tell me you were going to sleep which is cool so sorry for calling twice. Ya know, that phone call made my day/night. This whole day I was eager to call or even text you but I knew you were busy and I didn’t want […]

  • Strong Friend

    I’ve got this friend who been going through allot for the past couple of months. She actually lives right across the street from me which is funny because we never thought we will ever live close by. I watch this friend go through pain every single day of the week and there nothing I can […]

  • A Friend

    I know we all have that one friend that we hold close to our hearts and we will do anything for them if in our power But let me tell you little about my special friend. You see, I have this friend that I knew since 2008. She randomly sends me a request on myspace […]

  • Infect Life Of A Friend

    I’ve got this friend who I have known since 2007. Freshman year of high school. She was always nice and fun to be around. She was always caring and did what she had to do in life to survive. This friend recently had been infected with the disease call Lupus and it sucks. I watch […]

  • Observe

    I remember being told I was a very observing person and I can’t even deny it. I just feel like you have to notice everything around you no matter the location. I guess you can say I learn that from security. With all the stuff I witness in Orlando made me think of life differently. […]

  • Letter to a friend #4

    My best friend was really annoyed with her car today and it causes her to have a bad day. I spent most of the day thinking how I’m going to make her smile when I return home and I came up with this. Love is when having someone with you and share so many amazing […]

  • Rivulet

    When I hear the word rivulet, I think of water or just being near it. I remember back in 2012 I join this Sabbath day church. They always mention that if you need somewhere to talk, always go near the water like the lake, beach, pool or just by water period. I took their advice […]

  • Letter to a friend #3

    I wrote this letter to a very close friend of mines because she wanted me to cheer her up with my words… I guess she had a bad day So I wrote her this. Oh, I also name this sleepy beauty for her and she loved it. You read the title correctly, sleeping beauty is […]