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  • Good Morning!!!

    Good Morning!!!

    Good morning and happy Friday to ya!! Like me I hope it’s your Friday because boy I’m tired lol, don’t even feel like going in but I’m going though and oh the message below! Not going to lie to you, I felt this message. Lost few people over the years and wish I could have […]

  • Yard post 7/22

    One morning last week, me and my daughter did some yard work. I honestly didn’t think should help but she did and I’m proud of myself and her. I believe it’s important to do certain things with your kids when they young. My grandparents did it to me. So I’ll take them lessons and pass […]

  • Mirth

    My girlfriend birthday is coming up soon but sadly I’ll be working but I’m still trying to get the day off or switch days with someone else. Earlier this week I plan a hang out day for us on Friday which is today.  I plan to take her to the mall to buy her a […]