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  • Words 1/15

    Let the hard times make you stronger. Good morning and I hope everyone has a good friday! –Wise Dogs

  • Words 1/14

    Waste time with someone you love. -Wise Dogs.

  • Words 1/13

    Life will sometimes hand you a magical moment. Savor it. -Wise Dogs

  • Words 1/12

    Don’t hurry past the beauty. -Wise Dogs

  • Night Patrol 1/12

    Just got done taking a small break. I didn’t notice it until I jump in the golf cart. I look down and I was amazed at how shiny it was. I couldn’t tell if it was a snake or some type of worm-like creature. All I know it’s cool seeing stuff like this. What do […]

  • Picking The Right Nephew 1/11

    Oldest out of the four but his younger sister below him had two sons that one day who will lead the village. Out on missions not able to raise her sons correctly. He decided to hold his life and look after them because the father was nowhere to be found. Training them, teaching them knowledge […]

  • Words 1/11

    Sometimes you’ll have to hold your nose Close your eyes and jump off the high board. -Wise Dogs.

  • Words 1/10

    Do not let a little dispute Injure a great friendship. Understand their feelings and be easy. – Wise Dogs

  • WARNING 1/9

    It was a wonderful day, not too hot or cold but just in the middle but you have already been warned it was going to be cold tonight. Went to everyone’s house to eat delicious food because everyone cooks differently and you’d to do all this before work but you were already warned that you’d […]

  • Words 1/9

    Time alone is often time well spent. Never feel bad for not having people around you. We all deserve the space we need to force in life. –Wise Dogs