Words 3/16

The only thing you sometimes have control over is perspective.

You don’t have control over your situation.

But you’ve a choice about how you view it.

Chris Pine

Sniff Of Perfume 3/15

I remember a few years ago I use to work in the Hilton in Orlando FL, near the highway. Nice place to visit by the way.

One night there was an old lady with a sweet perfume smell. I recognize the smell because I had to check a room a night before and it was the same smell and I love it.

I approach the lady and ask where did she get her perfume from? I explained to her I smell this last night when I had to check a room. I said to her If you don’t mind me asking but where did you buy your perfume? I like the smell.

She laughed and smiled. She told me it was called BombShell from Victoria Secrets. Her granddaughter got it for her.

After that day, any girl I talked to I always buy them that perfume. I love the smell and they do too.

I found it funny certain smells can linger in an area long enough for you to sniff it out. Follow your nose, you might find something good one day.


Dysania 3/9

I remember back when I was living in Orlando, FL it was difficult for me to get up one morning.

It wasn’t because I was sleepy or lazy, I just couldn’t move my body.

It felt like someone’s powerful arms were pinning me down and I couldn’t do anything about it but force myself up, which I end up achieving.

Weird isn’t it? The old heads call it them demons trying to process you boy, etc. And you know… I kinda believe them.

Wasn’t like I was in danger. I fully knew what was going on. I just couldn’t move and when I tried to I just couldn’t. No, I didn’t see any funny-looking demon sitting on top of me. But till this day I couldn’t explain that and when I did get up I just sat that like WTF just happen?? Patting all over my body and stuff making sure I was okay.

That was like five or six years ago but I’m here to tell it. Maybe one day I’ll settle down and watch some YouTube videos about it but until then stay bless folks.


Words 3/8

Damn… I apparently use up all the quotes in the Wise Dog book. But luckily for me, I have another quote book I’ve gotten yesterday.

The book title is call 365 Quotes to live your life by. By I. C. Robledo.

If you’ve a google account it’s free in the Google Play Book store.

The first page reads

You’ve the power over your mind. not outside events. Realize this, and you’ll find strength.

-Marcus Aurelius


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