Being Near The Water

I was always told in my church going to the water to speak your problems was always a good thing. Seeing the bright blue sky just relaxes you, being near the water calms you down allot. You feel like every single sea creature is probably listening but you don’t care. Just being by the water is all you care about because it’s always a beautiful sight to see, feel, hear and experience. 

If you haven’t gone by the water and talk, I suggest you do. You may feel better after. You don’t even have to swim. Just sit and relax. I also wish you a good Sunday!


Frazzle Daily Promt

When I see this word, all I think of is being tired and that exactly how I felt lately. Tired from work got me beat but I put it all on me since I ask for the overtime. If I wasn’t taking this trip to Virginia I probably would have said no lol. I already said yes to a 12-hour shift on Sunday. Even though I’ll be frazzled by all this, I know it’s worth it in the end.

I go to the gym after work almost every night.  I am tired after work because of the beating from the sun. Like no joke, if the sun didn’t kick my butt throughout the day I wouldn’t be so tired. Like Sunday the heat was intense. I mean every day the heat was intense but Sunday it just seems like it was really saying hello and wouldn’t leave lol. But even though I’m beat tired I still went to the gym that night and probably stayed for an hour until I couldn’t go any longer.

Or another example when I take my daughter to the park and she starts to play around. you will think she will get tired but nope. Even when the sun is beating her butt she still playing around like it’s nothing while I sitting down just watching lol. I do run around with her and boy I be tired lol. My great uncle told me a couple of years ago that you better start jogging. I ask him why and he said you will understand in a year or 2 and now I see lol.

Allot of days you’re going to deadbeat tired but that shouldn’t stop you from enjoying your day and speaking of your day I wish you had a good one!


I’ll always base my life on honestly. I just feel like that’s the best way to live, you can also avoid so many situations by just being honest.

Bad things can happen when you not honest with a person like for an example. I’d this friend did something with a girl couple of weeks ago. Soon as it happens the girl said they were in a relationship without even telling him. He founds out a good 2 weeks later and he felt bad but mad at the same time. They end up talking and he explains to her he just wanna friend. He blames himself because he misses all the red signs that were right in front of him. Confusing situation but could have been avoided if she was just honest from the start.

Being honest have its good perks too. People will respect you more, like you more, people will be able to understand you better if you honest with yourself and them. And people probably won’t get mad at you if you honest with them from the start. I have seen people get fired from my job because they were dishonest but could have been avoided if they were just honest.

Having strong principles is always a good thing. Just remember that when it’s time, to be honest with someone. 

The humidity has been high lately and it sucks but today is gate duty day for me so I’ll be in A/C. I hope yours is not high like in Florida and I wish you a good day.


When I was living in Orlando Florida at the time. There was a lot of places to have fun at if you knew about them.

I tried my best to try different places. Orlando was a big city and had allotted of stuff to do.

Walking to Waterford lake to Winter Park Plaza to the fashion square Mall and many more.

But my favorite was Waterford lakes. Probably because it was the first place I visit when I arrive in Orlando. So many stores and food places. They also had a big-time movie theater there. Oh, and the ice cream was always lovely. And if you wanted to shop for clothes they had that there too. I use to love going to Five Guys. Yeah, their food was high but they were always good.

Another favorite place of mine was Winter Park Florida which is the outskirts of Orlando. During the winter it always felt nice there. Going to Wawa before work and getting a French Vanilla Coffee was always a blessing before I’d to clock in. I also got subs because that was my dinner almost every night but I’d no regrets.

No matter where you live there will always be places to go. Even if you go out town like. Learn the area and try something new.

I hope you’re having a fabulous day and I wish you a good one if you not.

Random #1

Today was a normal day for me. Had to do 12 hours today because of we one guy short at my job which is cool. I don’t mind the extra money for my VA trip.

Early in the morning, I was talking to an older friend of mines who I see at work sometimes. She asks did I go to church and I told her not really which was my honest answer.

She texts me back and said for real Johnathan? sometimes you’ve to go. That’s the only way your spirit going to be saved. You sound like a friend of mines. He doesn’t believe in god and I’m a believer so I go to church. That’s how we wake up and have our jobs and cars. Because of the man above and you should believe that!

Now don’t get me wrong. I  know what she trying to say but I told her Understood. But I didn’t say I didn’t believe in god. I just don’t believe you’ve to be in a church building to be saved or even your spirit. I witness a lot of good spirit people and they still did bad things while they went to church. I also told her never compare me to your friend. I’m not him.

I believe you should try to build up your spirit yourself. You don’t need someone to tell you what to do when it comes down to your own heart. You have the power to tell show people how to live without being judged by others.

Being faithful to your goals, sharing your stories with other people or bloggers and you should always be grateful no matter what because certain can help you in the future. But I feel like as long you have a good spirit, it shouldn’t bother you.

Strong Friend

I’ve got this friend who been going through allot for the past couple of months. She actually lives right across the street from me which is funny because we never thought we will ever live close by.

I watch this friend go through pain every single day of the week and there nothing I can do but listen to her problems whenever she feels like opening up. But don’t you hate that? when you have a friend who goes through allot and there nothing you can do. You just wish all their pain, problems, bad health all go away. I feel this way every single day when I see her post a status reaching out for help.

Recently this friend finds out she has Lumpus which suck for her and now she slowly going blind one of her eyes. Her vision also ain’t that great either. I won’t say everything about her but let just say her life is going downhill. 

But I notice one thing about her. She never gives up on life. She still tries to find hope the best way she can. One thing I’ll say that no one can’t say she didn’t try to support herself. I see her do it every day. Hell, even now she still trying to plan a birthday party for her 4-year-old. Even though things are crashing down around her she still has time to think of her daughter party. Not many people can do that.

You going to watch someone you love go through a lot of pain. but that doesn’t mean you can’t be there for them. You might not can’t help much but a listening ear is always a blessing to them because at least someone took the time out to listen to their problems.

Never think you’re alone, there always that one people who wanna help and to take your pain away. Just be great in life and be eazy.

My All-Time Favorite

My All-Time favorite is these five for now. I’ll explain why I love each picture below.

dau 1

This photo was taken on her 2nd birthday. She took ten pictures that day and this was my favorite one. I like how she poses for the picture because I can tell she is having fun and she really was that day. It’s hard to get kids to smile but when you like to smile yourself it runs in the blood.

dua 3

You can tell by my eyes I was super tired that day. I just got off from work doing an overnight shift. Had to drive all the way home back from Orlando which was 2 hours drive to make it to my little sister high school graduation. I promised her years ago I wouldn’t miss it and I didn’t. Always keep your promise, definitely when it’s your little sister.


This day, 9/14/15 the day my daughter was born. Before the nurse lady told me and my friends to put the cameras away. My Ex-girlfriend best-friend snaps this picture. Before she snaps it she put the words on the yellow thingy. I honestly forgot what it was called lol but this picture will be forever my favorite.

dua 2

A friend of mines took this picture of me when I was looking out into the water. Just thinking about life, the water was nice, the weather was nice and it was peaceful because it was empty that day too. I was always told standing by the water is good, you should try it.


I remember this night. It was the first time I got invited to a bonfire. It was nice sitting down with friends and talking about life. We also ate marshmallow and smores. We later played games that night. Overall it was a good night and I’ll always remember it. And I don’t know why the fire looks like that lol… I can’t remember if they did something to it or just how the picture took it.

These are my top five favorite pictures and I’ll never forget them. I hope everyone is having a good day and I wish you a good first Friday.

All-Time Favorites“>All-Time Favorites


Looking back in the past can be a good or bad. Just depends on how you do it. I sometimes think of the past just for good memories… well I try.

Like the past events that happen in the world. People love to bring them up, definitely on Facebook. I don’t mind the good ones but the bad? I just dislike when people use the bad past event for their own good to get their point across. But I just ignore and understand the past and wish it didn’t happen the way it did.

Or when you just have that one person who loves bringing up the past just to make people feel sorry for them and that is so annoying.

You have those people who like to down talk you or somebody else and they will bring up that person past like the person didn’t know what they did but I like how they don’t care. They just laugh and say I know what I did… glad you remember because I kinda forgot. That was the best response I heard when I was in the park listening to two people argue one day.

People going to bring up the past all the time but that’s okay. If you learn from your mistakes then you shouldn’t care. Your past can bring up happy moments or sad. Just think of the happy moments and you should be okay 🙂 I wish you a good day.



Three weeks ago I found a flower that looks just like this but was small and was dying in my backyard, I took the flower and place it right in front of my door so it can grow back strong and healthy.

I was always curious about how it looks when it was healthy and what kind of the twisted way itll grow.

While walking around in the garden area at my job I notice I’d the same plant but smaller.

I find it pretty cool I was able to recognize the plant from home. And now I know how it looks when it’s bigger I’ll take good care of it. It’ll grow twisted just like this plant at my job and I really can’t wait.

<a href="Twisted“><a href=””>Twisted</a&gt;


Broken? A word we all can relate to. A word is seen in others and yourself.

Being broken inside can hurt allot. Pain that we don’t understand but it’s there. There to make us stronger in your own way. 

I myself dealt with it before and I learn a lot about myself. Doing things I enjoy help me. Certain t.v shows I enjoy to watch help me. And certain people who I enjoy talking to help as well.

Seeing other people broken can hurt me a little like you wanna help but there nothing you can do. You can sit there and talk to them about their problems but you know deep down inside they still hurt.

Being broken can be painful. Like 2 weeks ago I put my favorite glass cup in the freezer and forgot to take it out. My great uncle gave me that cup before he pass away and it sadly broke in the freezer. I was so broken by it because it really was a great big cup but it was also a family gift that can never be replaced.

You can learn a lot from being broken. But that okay. That’s the time to learn about yourself. You also going to see a lot of stuff and the pain of others. But I believe you should worry about yourself because only you can make yourself feel better.

It seems like it’s going to be a rainy day today which kinda suck lol but hey that Florida for ya, I wish you a good day and I hope you have better weather than me.



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