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  • Words 4/30

    Good morning and happy Saturday. Was able to sleep in today. Woke up earlier but went back to sleep. Now it’s time to get my day started and here go some words below. One of the things I realized is that if you do not take control over your time up and your life, other […]

  • Words 4/20

    First off, happy 4/20 if you do celebrate it lol. Will talk more but I’m at work and have little time so here go some words. The highest possible stage in moral culture is when we recognize that we ought to control our thoughts. – Charles Darwin- I hope we all have a amazing day […]

  • Life 3/1/22

    Sometimes you’re going to feel the need to get away from life and just chill. Once you get to your favorite spot, you think of a change in life. You might sit there and wonder what to do. You reflex on life, your prayers, its purpose, passion, power, and many other things that may come […]

  • Long time 1/8/22

    Been a good long while since I post a blog. Life been up and down for me but mostly a learning lesson. Made a mistake few months ago and paid the price. I’ll share that later on in the year. Right now I’m just living life and staying out of trouble. Happy New Year and […]

  • Words 2/9

    Remember, some things are worth waiting for. -Wise Dogs

  • Realizations 11/17

    Sometimes you’ve to sit back and realized some things about your life. What can you do you make it better? Who to turn to? What goals you wanna complete, etc. You gotta stop giving out so much love or even wait for it. Love yourself and love the ones that you care deeply for. Respect […]

  • Manifestation 11/11

    Long day I thought to myself before I got home because I knew it’ll be a long day. Luckily for me, my coworker gave me a ride home from work. I wouldn’t have care to take the bus home but we’re in the middle of a hurricane so yeah I was thankful. Before I went […]

  • Night Patrol Part 2 11/6

    Another chill night down the drain. I’m more rested but still, feel tired for some reason. During my foot patrol, I notice this small little creature going to the grass. I know in the pictures it doesn’t seem that way but when I got closer it quickly turns the other cheek like it senses I […]

  • Night Patrol 11/5

    Walking around the perimeter on foot because it’s kinda cool whenever I ride the jitney. Windy night as I hear the leaves and sticks falling from the ground making little noise but the air feels nice out so I can’t complain Patrolling the villas on foot I look down and see this. I walk past […]

  • Can I Beat The Storm 11/2

    On a chill night at work, I notice the sky is dark black with no stars. That tells me it’s going to rain soon or it’s just passing over. Throughout the night it’s quiet as a mouse, no small animals walking around like they usually do, looking for food that the CNA or residents threw […]