Author: HS-Pugh727

  • Pathological 08/8/22

    Everyday it’s a new day for you to be great but you choose differently. The most caring person I can think of but your ways will always be your downfall in life and I hope you realize that one day. Your heart is pure but your behavior is questionable. You show the most love to […]

  • Rain Rain!!

    Rain Rain!!

    Enjoying this beautiful weather in my grandma front yard. Uncle June cut it the day before with some raking as well. Evening though it was lighting out which I don’t mind because I love it but was still able to get a picture. Currently on the bus to donate some plasma. Had to take a […]

  • Happy Monday!!!

    Happy Monday!!!

    Good morning on this good Monday! Not going to work today… Well I might. Got to many things to get done today. Do not be scare to call off, sometimes we need a me day to get your life in order and message below ๐Ÿ‘‡ Follow that gut feeling because you just never know. Just […]

  • Good Morning To All!!!

    Good Morning To All!!!

    Good morning on this beautiful Sunday!!! Grandparents always told me Sunday is the day of rest growing up but I feel like I won’t be getting no rest today and message ๐Ÿ‘‡ Saw this last night and view it as a wake up call. I don’t say much but I’m going through it in life. […]

  • Catapult Of Arrows 08/6/22

    Interesting word to use today but whenever I do see this word I think of video games. Why? Probably because of the word and I don’t really know how to use it but the definition make sense to me lol. Whenever I do play games that are role playing, I always go with the characters […]

  • Good Morning!!!

    Good Morning!!!

    Good morning on this good Saturday! And if your Saturday not going to well I hope it get better for you. I wish us all an amazing day and a good weekend! I hope you like the message below ๐Ÿ‘‡ Just because life is hard doesn’t mean you’ve to stop being you. Understand your true […]

  • Part Of The Job #3

    Part Of The Job #3

    It’s not everyday I can get a clear shot of these shrimps before we freeze them and run them through the machine. Below here are two pictures of some shrimp before I dump them in the water to get their heads and shells pop off. By the way, when they all froze up, they poke […]

  • Good Morning!!!

    Good Morning!!!

    Good morning and happy Friday to ya!! Like me I hope it’s your Friday because boy I’m tired lol, don’t even feel like going in but I’m going though and oh the message below! Not going to lie to you, I felt this message. Lost few people over the years and wish I could have […]

  • Part Of The Job #2

    I seen many creatures of the sea whenever we get a new bag of shrimp to work with. This morning wasn’t no different but this time I took a picture. Nope they not alive but it was cool seeing a crab again. We sometimes get starfishes and many others. Hope you like the pictures and […]

  • Morning message!

    Morning message!

    Good morning to you all, favorite day of the week so I’d to say something. I hope we all have a good day and don’t allow that negativity get to ya. Message below.