Lovable Nightmare

It’s always the scariest thing to fall in love with someone who has someone. Willing to risk off of lust hoping to find love, but end up with nothing but emptiness. Now here goes there regrets the hate the embarrassment. To most the best thing is to bury yourself into work, keep a wall up over your heart. But you knew better though. Ignoring them red flags, lowering your standards, trying to fit in where you should of stayed away from.

I was told as a child to always put a man first before my own child. Says a women who’s been a side chick all of her life never been married but had 2 divorced men fog her thinking.

They never put her first enough to even marry her. Make it make sense. My kids come first until a man is willing to lead my household he will earn that right to be put first because I understand he is the head and he is responsible for keeping us together.

Don’t get me wrong marriage is beautiful I hope to be blessed with that happening someday. But I’m not expecting it. Because I was instilled to believe I was meant to be alone.



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