Happy Monday To Ya 3/6/23

Good morning and happy Monday to you, I hope we all had a good weekend, but I wish we all have a good Monday as well. Slept off my own throughout the night, but I still feel rested. Kind of a busy day today but I hope everything goes as planned. Message below.

One thing about life, everywhere you meet you low key wants them to stay in your life. But as you get older, some people cannot stay.

They could be bad for you, drain your energy, you will find yourself trying to be the best person you can to them but in reality you can’t. Unless they show the same energy you give to them, let them go if they are not.

Trying to please everyone you meet is a no go. Some people don’t care for your kindness and that’s okay. Be kind to the ones who are kind to you and do what is best for your life. Don’t lose yourself trying to please everyone you meet because it’s draining and before you know it, you’ll be the one looking for help from the outside.

If you care about people, make sure you don’t lose yourself because if you do the same people won’t be no where insight.



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