Happy Hump Wednesday 3/1/23

Good morning and happy hump day to ya. I hope we all had a good night’s sleep, and a happy first of the month. I do hope this month is filled with blessings and positive vibes. Now back to the message below because I have to leave for work and my time is tick-tocking.

Throughout life, many things are going to change for us. And that is okay because everything doesn’t stay the same and that includes you.

You are not going to like this new change in you because it is not you. You are going to miss your old self but being your old self is not going to have any new adventures in your life. Sometimes you have to step out and just live. Live until you can’t live anymore. And while you are living, that new you will slowly be born.

Life is being created somewhere in this world with new breaths of air but even for them, that same error won’t be the same as the order they get.

Before you breathe that little fresh air makes sure you are healed all the way because if you are not bad air will just drag everyone down with you. Be safe my friends and happy Wednesday to ya



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