Disqualified 2/28/23

In today’s social world, we have to watch who we allow in our lives.

They be deceiving and manipulative creatures on earth and it can’t be help.

They will call you crazy, blame you for everything and that pure heart you have, and they will try their best to destroy it.

It is okay to be a genuine kind-hearted spirit. Even with your kindness, they will do their best to make you the issue when you do not.

Don’t allow anyone to change your perspectives on life. Be a vibe and always stay optimistic with a smile on your face. Seeing that smile on your face with disqualify their hearts and just know you can qualify for anything as long you put your heart into it.

Didn’t publish how I wanted to this month but in the end, I hope we all had a good month and a a fine night. See ya tomorrow if that gentleman upstairs open my eyes.




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