Rigmarole 2/27/23

Every morning you wake up from your sleep wishing you receive that text from a certain someone who is no good for you but you wait.

You go out of your way to make them feel extraordinary to the world but it’s no use. Give them almost everything they ask for but still no use. Complain all you want but your whines go unrecognized. Nonetheless always, you wait.

Even though you may feel this manner towards different people shouldn’t stop you from doing things that are best for your life. Never be confused about the kindness you give other people because you’re just doing it from the heart and once them hard times come. They’ll hopefully admit how good they had it.

In the end, take care of yourself. It’s a hassle trying to live with leechers of earth. They are all around looking for help besides having healthy relationships with people. Together or friends don’t deal with that crap. Not telling you to be mean, just don’t deal with it. You know what’s up deep down.



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