What Good Pugh 2/25/23

What advice would you give to your teenage self?

This a question we ask ourselves or get asked by someone else but in the end, we will always have an answer for it.

If I had to talk to my teenage self, I’ll tell him to keep being shy with that smile on his face. You stand out from the rest and it just makes you a little different.

All of the dreams you think of, do them. Don’t allow anyone to slow you down. Don’t follow anyone because you feel like you gonna miss out. Take care of yourself and look out for the ones that do the same for you.

Besides thinking of the military, take school more seriously, play more sports, hang out more, and bond with different types of people besides the ones you’re used to. Also, go after that girl, you’ll find out years later you should have spoken up and carried your butt to college or trade school. Hanging with your friends, and smoking your life away is not the way to go… Just saying.

Do your best to bond with your siblings more. You realize they needed you a lot more back then than now and be a better help to your grandparents. Your beliefs on life gonna change once you encounter her. Don’t allow it to.

Don’t be intimidated to move from a different location, just be a lot more prepared when you do and save that money up because you gonna need it.

That love life… Understand it, not that bad truthfully. Lots of ups and downs but just understand it because the word wondering will be your favorite.

Lastly, don’t change… If you do, make sure it’s for you and the people you care about. Oh… Being nice will make you feel good about yourself but that shit for the birds and you’ll finish last sadly. Be you and take care of the things that will improve your life, because we have a journey that you’ll have to prepare for and it’s not appealing my guy.



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