Contact 2/11/23

Is there anything you feel too old to do anymore?

Evening and joyful Saturday to ya, if it’s not happy then I hope it changes for you. Busy and long day today and did some yard work for the first time in forever. Exhausted but I’m pleased I got it accomplished before it started raining but back to the question…

In my opinion, I feel like we’re too old to make contact with people who we always text or call first. We all have our life to live. We won’t have time to talk all the time but I feel like if I’m making an effort to contact you first all the time from my teens to my adult years then apparently you don’t want me in your life.

We’re too old for all that. If you feel like we don’t need to speak anymore then just say that. Save the person time. Once you start getting older, you’ll know who you want in your life or not. No need to have them in your pocket zone forever.

Attempting to keep dying friendships is old news. We’re too old for all that. If you feel like you’ve to make contact with someone all the time first then just cut them loose. Hopefully, they won’t detect ya and I mean that acceptable way. Have a nice Saturday folks.


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