Scary 2/2/23

What’s the thing you’re most scared to do? What would it take to get you to do it?

I found it funny a few hours ago, before I saw this question, I was asked this same question but in a different way.

At first I told her I don’t really fear anything in life. Been through too much just to care.

Then I sat back in her comfy chair, thought about her question and answered the correct way I hope.

And that will be skydiving. I always tell people I’m not really afraid of heights. But falling down from that distance always gets to me lol.

So many things run through my mind. What if some random birds are in my way, what if a jet or plane randomly flies in my area, what if the helicopter makes a mistake in midair and falls and what if I make a bad landing. I could mention many more scenarios but I’ll just say them.

I’ll do this one day. It’s a fear I must face and once I do, I’ll hopefully tell you guys about it. Once I understand anything could happen. I feel like I can overcome this.

You can be scared of a lot of things, but as long you fear them, the outcome will never change.



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