Imagine A Women

Willie Mae Mills
Imagine a woman living
loving to dance, cook, write, do their hair, clean, and draw.
Imagine this very talented and intelligent individual who had dreams and goals unfulfilled.
imagine a little girl and a teenager knowing of her by not her to the rest of the 7 who never met her at all
imagine a woman crying in her sleep because she was in pain and the daughter was too young to understand.
Imagine that woman lost because she lost lives that meant something to her her mother Bernice Peoples ( deceased) her son Scorpio Orion Mills ( deceased) and a miscarriage all causing her to think she was a bad mother and wasn’t strong enough to overcome the losses.
Imagine her mind so far gone she couldn’t take care of the other 4
consuming alcohol daily dealing with more losses.
Imagine a woman visiting her kids who that been raised by cousins that wouldn’t allow her to see them or spend time with them.
imagine a woman who is distant, lost, discouraged, hurt misunderstood, misjudged, and hated.
imagine a woman finding out she has 3 days to live to
imagine a mother wanting to get custody of me but being too weak to fight
Imagine a mother knowing her shortcomings in friends and a sister begging her to go home with them but she refused because she wanted to be close to her children
Imagine your mom’s body swells and she doesn’t look like herself.
imagine a mother spending time with her daughter for 3 months
imagine a daughter sitting next to her mother as she writes a 2-page letter which you later discovers is an obituary and everyone she knew.
Imagine a daughter learning about her siblings
Jimmy Lee Mills, Christopher Warren Jordan, Scorpio Orion Mills (deceased), Charisma Shree Mills, Tanisha Mills, Shamorra Mills, Mishia Sheree Mills, Meonsha Lori Murray, Alex Murray, and Gene Flaundry ( not found).
Imagine a mother who not only walks out the door but out your life and her last words were I love you but the daughter can’t say it back thinking she has plenty of time to tell her that back.
Imagine the daughter goes shopping to get ready to go back to school and also grab a few fun things to do so that when the mother returns they can spend some time together.
Imagine waiting and no one comes.
imagine Monday, September 9:30 PM It was raining and a knock was at the door the daughter hoped it was the mother but it was a police officer informing her that Willie Mae Mills was found dead.
She was found dead in a house laying on a couch you could hardly recognize her because the poison that she consumed ate away at her causing her body to deteriorate.
imagine someone wanting to survive and identify her but couldn’t because he wasn’t an immediate family all immediate family lived in Tallahassee FL or Monticello FL 4 to 5 hours away.
imagine a mother being burned to ashes by the state and the state posted a picture of a female
(because there is no picture of her anywhere) and attached to an article in the obituary section
imagine the daughter going to the funeral home hoping to see her siblings she never knew or met and maybe she had the chance to kiss her mother goodbye at least since you didn’t get to tell her you to love her but as you walk into the funeral home to a closed casket, and a box filled with the burnt remains of her deteriorated body.
imagine only 2 of the mother’s kids out of 9 being there,
imagine no one knows where the remains are.
Imagine a woman who existed, lived, dying, killed, to nonexistent.
At the age of 34.

The absence of a mother’s love is like losing a part of yourself. Love and cherish them always, we only got one.


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