Happy Hump Day!

Good morning on this sunny Wednesday so far because knowing Florida it’s going to rain soon oh and happy hump day to you. Had some wine last night, not really a wine drinker but I can say it made me relax. Slept like a baby and I hope you did too. I am pretty sure I’m running the machine today, so I do hope today be easy and quick. Waiting for my baby mama to come scoop me up because I’m walking to work right now and she need to borrow some money so she might as well take me the rest of the way when we do meet up. Here is the message below 👇

I remember a few months ago I tried to stop a fight between my little sister and her boyfriend. The boyfriend wasn’t really swinging, he was more trying to protect his son and his belongings. I just had to get my sister under control. Sadly I could not control the whole situation so my auntie and Grandma came over who live next door. You would think they put all the blame on them but nope, they start yelling at me and etc. I learned that day is to keep my energy to myself oh yeah and mind my business. Everything do not deserve your say so, everything don’t need to be solved by you and if it don’t concern you just don’t care about it when the same peoples going to have the same energy for each other when everything is said and done.


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