Pathological 08/8/22

Everyday it’s a new day for you to be great but you choose differently. The most caring person I can think of but your ways will always be your downfall in life and I hope you realize that one day.

Your heart is pure but your behavior is questionable. You show the most love to everyone without even asking. You care for other lives when you don’t have to. You go out your way to make someone feel special but you get stab in the back while being a good human being.

Other people may call you crazy including myself but I understand your feels,hate,love of life and when things doesn’t go your way, you behave in a evil way but still I understand your ways.

Life gonna hit ya but remember you always got yourself. We will probably be better humans if I could handle your evil behavior but I’m tired.

Remember who you are and control them feels. No need to do harm to other people because life not going your way. We all have our limitations and I’m sure you do to.


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