Pique 8/2/22

Remember who you’re as a person. You wake up everyday knowing your day is going to be active. You must keep your mind clear of comments, and have an understanding that people is not going to like you.

Some people you’re going to resent because of their disrespectful ways towards you. Even if they that nasty as a person, just ignore them.

Your pride can mean everything to you. Never allow someone to take that from you. You do your best to walk in with a positive attitude, do your best to leave with one because if you don’t, then you’ll sadly take your angry out on someone else. And all they did was check up on you.

At the end of the day, we’re all humans with feelings, and without thinking, we can lose our way. Do your best to keep your pique in check and hopefully you’ll have a good day/night.




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