Princely Of Love 4/23

Once I didn’t know nothing in life until you met me and my siblings when we were small and I’ll never forget it.

As long I can remember you been there for us, taught us things that no one else could, show us things people refuse to teach, taught us love can come from anywhere and many more.

Not only have you been special in my life but others as well. The world wouldn’t turn if it wasn’t for you. From young to old you saw allot in life and pass it on to others. I’ll always cherish the story’s you told because even now I see you kept the same energy for life for a lifetime.

Not many people’s can say they met you but when they do. They always mention good things. You’re a strong leader in life and I’m bless to have known you. Thank you for protecting me and my family.

I’ll definitely become a great leader one day and I own it all to you.


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