We see each other everyday in the same building and I just can’t help but notice you.

The day came when I asked you for your favorite color you told me to pay attention to me with a smile on your face.

When I see you and ask how are you doing? you tell me good but always pay attention to my facial expressions because I will tell everyone good just so no one bothers me.

When I asked you what is your favorite snacks to eat? Once again you told me to pay attention to you and I did.

Whenever you try to get to know someone, you have to do your best to pay attention to them, because a lot of things they are not going to tell you. It is true this post is based on true life, and the only thing I learned from that person was her favorite snacks was skittles and Doritos chips. Everything else is still a mystery.

And when you paying attention to them you will notice many things about them. Cherish the days you learn about people because sometimes you just never know who you dealing with. Stay focused and pay attention my friend.


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