Pathos 4/19

I like this word, even though I hardly use it. Just like how it’s pronounce. But can you blame me? Look like one of them ancient Greek names lol but here we go.

Nothing, just nothing is wrong. But you pity me while I should pity you.

You text and text like no tomorrow, but do your best to make me feel bad for no reason, but yet you pity me.

You call and call until I have to turn off my phone to make you stop but yet you somehow pity me.

You threaten my life, chase me down, pop up in the areas I’m working or hanging, and cause harm to my life but yet you say you’re not trying to provoke me. Just tell me, what exactly you’re trying to do?

Sadly you’re gonna feel like this one day in your life. People can bring some much drama to your life and it’s not even funny. Just remember you’re one person who cannot be stop. The lonely dude downstairs will do anything to make your life miserable and will send who ever. Never allow pity and don’t let someone provoke you.

I hope your day was amazing and I wish you a good night.


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