Augmentation 4/18

Whenever I think of this word, it kinda remind me of work. Why? Well let me explain below.

I work in a seafood wearhouse. We deal with Shrimp and Fish on daily basis. Sometimes I’ll help with the truck if they short staff and I don’t mind it because I see it as a workout, only thing bad about it your feet will be cold. Oh yeah, when you touching the shrimp or fish just know your hands are going to freeze off lol.

Working in this place is all about teamwork. We’re already short staff but we do our best. Whenever we get done with a job, we will go to another location and help them out as well. It’s clear as day the more people you’ve, you’ll leave on great timing. And everyone is putting in effort to get done and go home. You just better hope you don’t get a lot of orders in that week.

One thing I could say about my job, the more the greater. Trying to get many people on the same page can be difficult. Just remember to do your best!

I hope your day was amazing, somebody was blowing up my phone the whole time while I was doing this blog but I did not let them get to me, you just have to let people be. I hope you have a wonderful Monday have a good night.


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