Explore 1/9/22

One thing I learn about life, you’ve to explore this world we live in.

We all come from a big or small city and sometime be scared to explore a different area because you don’t know anything about that place. If you do or not, you shouldn’t be scared to explore this world.

I learn so much when I first move outside my small city. If you ever been to st.pete Fl, then you’ll know what I’m talking about. Moving to Orlando was a learning experience. Allot of ups and many downs but it made me a stronger person. Also, exploring the city was good. Saw the good and the bad side of Orlando but if I could I’d move back.

Even when you’re home in your own city, do not be scared to explore it. You’ll be surprised what your area has to offer if you just get up and take random trips. Low key miss driving from city to city when I did had a car. Saw many interesting things on the highway and enjoy my time in each area I was in.

We live in a big world, and even the higher ups haven’t explore yet. Take time out of your day and explore a random place. Make videos and take pictures to remember but most importantly, be safe and have fun.

Hope your Sunday is going well. Spending time with the little one and now I’m just thinking of things to do. Have an amazing day and be Eazy.



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