Sniff Of Perfume 3/15

I remember a few years ago I use to work in the Hilton in Orlando FL, near the highway. Nice place to visit by the way.

One night there was an old lady with a sweet perfume smell. I recognize the smell because I had to check a room a night before and it was the same smell and I love it.

I approach the lady and ask where did she get her perfume from? I explained to her I smell this last night when I had to check a room. I said to her If you don’t mind me asking but where did you buy your perfume? I like the smell.

She laughed and smiled. She told me it was called BombShell from Victoria Secrets. Her granddaughter got it for her.

After that day, any girl I talked to I always buy them that perfume. I love the smell and they do too.

I found it funny certain smells can linger in an area long enough for you to sniff it out. Follow your nose, you might find something good one day.


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