Past questions 2/23

Life can be a journey. We meet many people in existence and only fall for a few of them.

Falling for them brings the past. And sometimes the past brings questions that you don’t wanna answer but do because the individual deserves answers.

My ex asks me did I ever cheated on her. Like always everyone is going to say no which I did.

However just because I said no doesn’t suggest I couldn’t. Had several opportunities to do so but I didn’t. Even when I had company over I couldn’t. Even she made me upset or stuff I found out I just couldn’t.

Regardless that’s the main point I’m trying to get at. I always could but didn’t because I knew she wouldn’t do me like that when she could have any guy she wants and that’s just the reality we dwell in.

If you adore somebody you won’t cross them but make sure they don’t cross you because God always got the unfortunate one and give the other one blessings.

I do wonder out of everything else, why ask me this? But hey I would have done the same but I already know my answer.


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