Gloomy Village 2/4

Born and raised in a small village he and his family witness all the sufferings, calamity, courage, casualty, clashes, and alliance in the village.

Born without a famous last name in the village. He had to work harder just to earn some respect from the elders, other young warriors, and the gods above him.

By age 30, he became powerful enough to surpass his companions and the village chief before him. It was no doubt he’ll do great things in life. He had a son on the way. Married the woman of his dreams and he had the whole village by his side.

That feeling turn sour soon as he sat down in the office chair. He now realizes how gloomy his village was.

He didn’t want to be a leader of a gloomy village. He made it a mission for his village to see no gloomy days, weeks, months, and years. He’ll make sure his people see the light that will shine over his village.

You going to have some gloomy times in life. Do not let them get to you. As long the light shines brights. Gloomy days won’t exist in your life.


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