Heartfelt Letter 1/18

Good evening beautiful

I’ve some words for you tonight.

I’ve notice the way you been texting me lately. I honestly can’t say anything about that but I know that’s not the woman I fell for.

Whenever you get like that then I know you’re down and out. Even now I dislike when you get that because it block that bright mind of yours. Whenever I’m down. I immediately think of you. You taught me even when I’m down, I can still be strong and make moves to better my life. I know you can do the same for yours. You’re the smartest person I know who take no shit from anyone and you do your best to protect the ones you love. Hated by many but love by the ones who truly know you. I may not know what’s going on in your life in details and honestly I don’t need to because it’s not my business but do not let anything or anyone bring you down.

God definitely got you and you know he do. Pray for yourself daily because I know a big blessing is coming your way. I know it. Always remember you’re beautiful in your own way, body of a goddess, your eyes, smile, skin, voice, and more are all lovely. I’d begged for you back if I could but that’s just the effect you’ve on me and I can admit that. Reason why I’m able to text these words to you and I’m sending this message from bottom of my heart and with love because all I want you to do is have a good night and I hope a blessing happen to you tonight.

Never let anyone take your shine and I’ll always be there for you.


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