Picking The Right Nephew 1/11

Oldest out of the four but his younger sister below him had two sons that one day who will lead the village.

Out on missions not able to raise her sons correctly. He decided to hold his life and look after them because the father was nowhere to be found.

Training them, teaching them knowledge of the world, showing them the will of fire, and just being a father figure to them is all they desired but he knew one day he’ll have to pick one to lead the village.

The older brother is rough, strong in every way but lacks knowledge and kindness but he does have a good heart. As the younger brother is strong in all ways, understand life in all aspects, the heart of gold as he’ll fight for others and knows to do anything but who is the better pick?

You may think the uncle would choose the older brother but no he chose the younger one. Why? All because he listens.

picking the younger brother was the right choice for him. If you listen well in life, you will get far and pick the right choice if you just listen to your elders.



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