It was a wonderful day, not too hot or cold but just in the middle but you have already been warned it was going to be cold tonight.

Went to everyone’s house to eat delicious food because everyone cooks differently and you’d to do all this before work but you were already warned that you’d to go in tonight.

On my patrol enjoying the cold weather. I’m wearing all black so you can hardly see me. I turn the corner and see something interesting and wow some teens are trying to rob us, let me warned my co-worker.

I walk up slowly and yell AYE! what is y’all doing? I notice it’s just two young teenagers. A boy and a girl.

I warned them and told them not to jump the fence, the police are around the corner, we have a beam system right in front of you, we got cameras from both angles. Do you really wanna come to this property? I ask them but warned them at the same time.

This happens a few years back at work on a Thanksgiving night. I gave the teenagers warnings of what will happen if they decide to jump the gate. We spoke for 5 minutes then they left.

I do hope they learn a lesson that night. They have been warned and not many people do that. Good day folks! And I hope you have a good Saturday



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