Fortune Cookies 1/3/21

Late last night I order some Chinese food from this restaurant that was located in the central area of St. Pete.

Took a while for the food to reach me but it was worth the wait.

Like always they give you these fortune cookies. They gave me two of them last night. Here what both of them say.

You are a lover of words someday you will write a book.

And the second one reads

You feed your body every day. You must also feed your mind.

Good words to live by in my opinion, I hope your Sunday is going well!

Published by HS-Pugh727

Just a young man who trying to live his life the best way he can. I'm a proud father of a baby girl and I do security. I'm a gamer at heart and love to workout/ have fun with good friends. I also like to write and tell about my life or opinions. feel to read my words also you can leave comments.

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