Don’t Whine 12/7

I hope everyone had a good weekend and have a decent Monday as well. I was reading this book earlier this morning before I went to my grandparent’s house to help my little nephew with his online schooling.

In this book, I saw a quote that says Don’t Whine. I low key related to that because everyone has been whining to me lately and these are the words I’d give them when they contact and vent to me.

Why are you crying for? Like for real why? You go through this all the time and you somehow always make a way for yourself and whoever else you’re doing it for. That’s another thing too. You should always remember who you doing it for because I’m pretty positive they looking up to you and you shouldn’t fail them.

I do understand you’re going to have them days but turn them into strong days and once you achieve that, you’ll probably laugh at them whining days, or hell, you might whine some more with excitement.

Stay true to yourself and remember we all have our bad days, weeks, months, and maybe years. So bad we wanna sit there and whine about it. Even if you do, just know it’s not forever. Your day is coming!


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