Realizations 11/17

Sometimes you’ve to sit back and realized some things about your life. What can you do you make it better? Who to turn to? What goals you wanna complete, etc.

You gotta stop giving out so much love or even wait for it. Love yourself and love the ones that you care deeply for.

Respect yourself so others can. No matter how far you go in life, always show respect, and stay humble.

Eat freely but know when to watch it. I’m only 28 but can see the difference in certain things the older I get… This can’t be life lol.

I learn in massage school you should meditate and I agree. 10 minutes per day do the trick and go longer if you can.

And my last advice… I learned over the few months I found myself trying to please other people because I didn’t want to lose them but hey, sometimes you’ve to let do be and focus on your life. It’s already short so you should always do you.


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