Night Patrol 11/5

Walking around the perimeter on foot because it’s kinda cool whenever I ride the jitney. Windy night as I hear the leaves and sticks falling from the ground making little noise but the air feels nice out so I can’t complain

Patrolling the villas on foot I look down and see this. I walk past it at first but quickly realized that I seen these things a hundred times but never seen one this small before. I was also able to get an up-close picture because they move so slow.

I honestly hope it does well out there on the property. I did help it get to the grass before leaving it so hopefully, it grows stronger but here are the pictures that I took.

The first one is the up-close one, I was next to it when I took the picture. Most people would have been scary but nope!

And the 2nd one I took standing up. I did have to zoom in a bit because it was too small to spot but hopefully you get the picture.


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