Can I Beat The Storm 11/2

On a chill night at work, I notice the sky is dark black with no stars. That tells me it’s going to rain soon or it’s just passing over.

Throughout the night it’s quiet as a mouse, no small animals walking around like they usually do, looking for food that the CNA or residents threw away earlier in the day. No white owls flying over, no coyotes walking by, no nothing but that was cool, less stuff to worry about.

5 am came, no resident taking their early morning walk or bike ride. No resident walking their dog or anything. Just pure dark sky. By this time you’d have thought the rain has come down by now but nope!

7:30 am came, still, the same weather just the sky’s are dark grey now that’s it’s morning. I miss the bus but I didn’t care. I’d my black hoodie and bike so I was sure I’d make it home before the storm comes.

I started to ride my bike down the road then BAM! It hit me, a small raindrop. I knew immediately this was bad news. That means all that rain I saw on my phone before I left work is going to come down. I knew I should have stayed an extra hour to be safe but nope! I wanted to go home.

Halfway on my bike ride it started raining. Usually, I wouldn’t care about the rain but this rain was coming down hard and fast. I quickly got soak since I was riding into the rain and I could tell by the wind. I wanted to stop but didn’t. I kept moving and moving.

I got home, I was soaked like a wet dog that was taking a bath, and still, when I got home it was light raining lol. I learn my lesson that day, for one just wait and chill, no need to rush home if you going to do the same thing when you get home and if you riding the bike, suck in your pride and take cover, I’m really lucky I didn’t get sick but I hope you enjoyed the read and have a bless day.


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